Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Geri's Game brings major sister chuckles...

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My girls are so awesome when they take time to be together. Take this last w/e for example. We were all sitting in our bedroom and the subject of Pixar short films came up. Melissa spooled up her favorite - Geri's Game - and all the girls gathered around the laptop for a giggle. There was some serious chuckling going on...with good reason.

See why...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Heading into 2010...

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Ten things you should know about our family in 2009:

1. Steve made it to the big five - O...and I don't mean Hawaii.

2. Marie went to Peru - again...and is planning on it in 2010...again.

3. Melissa is still working at Home Depot in Layton, Utah and telling people where to go. (She works at the service counter and quite often has to give directions to lost folks.) She also tag team wrestles with her 3 kids ages 2-3. Except during the days she has no one on her team to tag her out.

4. Robert's boyhood dream of serving a mission in China when he grew up came true...kind of. He did go to China in 2009 but only for 2 weeks instead of 2 years and represented Volume Bike Co instead of the Lord.  He had a great time and made some money in the process.

5. Stephanie reached 3 milestones in 2009 - finished her first year of college at Weber State University, cut her long hair short, and got her first boyfriend. She gets to sport her cute 'doo' while she is working at Fifth Avenue Tuxedos.

6. Kelsie's long time boyfriend, Chase, should be concerned for their future together at the close of 2009. She met a young man at the school where she works who professed his love and desire to marry her. He told the bus driver "I'm going to marry Miss Wise someday". When Chase gets back from his mission, this new suiter will almost be done with 4th grade. Kelsie works at Tolman Elementary.

7. Everybody in the picture above had an awesome time at Magic Mountain in California. The only thing faster than Goliath the rollercoaster was the trip itself...out and back in 44 hours.

8. Grandpa Steve (see #1 above) finally put a lock on the kitchen drawer which holds the knives. Of course, this was just barely after two of the three aforementioned kids (see #3 above) aerated 2 of our couches with the butcher knives in said drawer.

9. Kelsie got a new car. Two weeks later Stephanie got a new car. Kelsie drove Stephanie to the place where Stephanie bought her car. On the way home they got in a wreck...with each other.

10. Steve and Marie are still happily married...after TWENTY SEVEN years...especially because of 1-9.

Our family has been tremendously blessed over the years.  We are grateful for this great country, for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for each other and for our many family members and friends scattered across this great land - most of whom we rarely get to see.  But we think of you very often and still feel close in our hearts.  We pray for God's greatest blessings on all and for the time to see each other soon!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Flat Black Beemer

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Rob started the day off replacing his headlights.  I think his thought process must have gone something like this..."Well I am replacing these headlights - might as well paint my car, eh?"

He actually started piece mealing this thing a couple of weeks ago by painting his taillights, mirrors and a few other accessories flat black. He liked it so much he decided to finish the job. I asked him what he was going to do if he didn't like a flat black $15,000 car. He said "well I was going to get it painted anyway".

Sounds like a no risk activity to me.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Anniversary 27

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So the wife and I celebrated our 27th with a weekender to Torrey, Utah. "Torrey, Utah?!", you ask. Believe me, if you go once, you'll go again.  We stayed at a gorgeous place called "The Lodge" outside of town about 2 or 3 miles.

While there we hiked in Capitol Reef National Park and a place called Calf Creek Falls which is located between Boulder and Escalante - 2 more obscure towns that I hardly knew existed until 10/30/09.

One other gem we discovered this weekend is Utah Highway 12. Wow!

In this picture we were on our hike to Hickman Bridge in Capitol Reef. The camera caught us in a...uh...private moment.  Slide show.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

California Vacation 2009

Well we went and did and returned. There are few things more fast and furious than our weekend trip to Los Angeles and Six Flags. Here are some of the stats:

-Boarding passes forgotten, 1 - Marie printed and presented to the TSA dude all but...mine.
-Miles driven in our rental Yukon, 300
-Hours spent driving 300 miles in our rented Yukon, 11 - Friday from LAX through downtown and down Santa Monica Blvd through Hollywood all the way to Malibu (3), from Malibu to Valencia, 60 miles, (3...aaaauuuuuuggggghh!), from Valencia to LAX, 45
miles, to p/u Rob (2...aaaaaauuuuuuugggggghhh!!), and back to Valencia (1).
-Method used to find the perfect place to take Kelsie's picture with the Hollywood sign in the background, pure luck.
-Number of stars we saw on the Hollywood walk of fame, lots
-Number of cars made to look like a shoe, 1 - you guessed it...on Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywierd
-LDS temples driven by, 1
-Count of Mercedes, BMW's and Jaguars seen on Santa Monica Blvd in Beverly Hills, can't count that high
-Wharfs walked upon, 1 - in Malibu
-Dollars spent on lunch at the end of the wharf in Malibu, 76
-Number of toes that got Malibu beach sand all over them, 30 - Marie and I left our shoes on and Rob wasn't there yet.
-Manta Rays seen on the end of a fishing line, 1 - baby caught by Malibu wharf fisherman
-Number of 'u' turns in Valencia looking for our hotel, 6 or 7
-Hours standing in line for rides at Magic Mountain, 8
-Minutes actually riding on rides at Magic Mountain, 15
-Name of the most awesome rollercoaster in the whole universe, X2 (tatsu according to the kids, the park bench according to Marie)
-Longest first drop on a rollercoaster, 250 feet on Goliath
-Fastest speed attained on any ride, 100mph in 6 seconds on Superman
-Most unexpected thing that happened while riding a rollercoaster, blacked out on Goliath in a did too...Marie didn't cause she had her eyes closed
-Number of times I heard Rob scream like a girl, lots
-Number attending Magic Mountain same day we did, 26,000
-Number of non-caucasian people attending Magic Mountain same day we did, 25,994
-Hour at which Magic Mountain closes, 12am
-Time we left Magic Mountain, 12am
-How long it takes to eat at Denny's in Valencia at 12:30am, 1.5
-Flight departure time on Sunday morning, 6am
-Time left hotel so we could drive 45 miles to airport, turn in the rental car, check in at airport and go through security, 3:30am
-Hours of sleep I got that night, zero
-Time spent in shower trying to stay awake, 20 minutes
-Cost of good times had with the wife and kids, priceless!
Photos of good times.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Addy Unplugged

Addyson will sing this all day long to you if you let her! :) Marie likes how she just gets too tired to finish the second rendition! Funny kid...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Steph at dusk on the 4th over I-15

Farmington at dusk

I had an idea for a picture at dusk and Steph was a good sport and went along for the experiment. See it bigger.